open door

Antwerp Shoe Room

Open Door 21 & 22 August 2017

About AFA

AFA, abbreviation for Antwerp Fashion Agents, is a non-profit association founded by members Luc Dheedene of Fashion Club 70, Philippe Verschueren of PHV Agency, Muriel van Nieuwenhove of Enes, Esfan Eghtessadi of "Essentiel" and Alex Delafonteyne of New Look-Fashion Deal. The latter is also the first president of AFA. Its aim is to promote Fashion in Antwerp in general, to form the link between final customer, retailer and supplier and to establish a connection and collaboration between the different Fashion agencies in Antwerp.

A first event was organized end August 2009. The Open Doors Antwerp Fashion Agents were a smashing success, covered by different media and elegantly closed with a dashing VIP party for both agents and their distinguished customers on the 28th of August.

Those Open Door Weekends are organized twice a year and other happenings will be linked to this event, high-lightening the importance of Antwerp as both Fashion Centre and Shopping City of Belgium.

Becoming a member is easy by subscribing each year. Subscription is possible for all Fashion Agents based in the city of Antwerp, upon approval of founding members.